Burnsville Town Center

The Burnsville Town Center is the premier entertainment & event venue and gathering place in Burnsville & Yancey County. Located at 6 South Main Street. Call (828) 682-7209.

Legacy Room

The Legacy Room Auditorium seats up to 400 people and can hold 20 tables with chairs. Burnsville Town Center has an elevated stage with steps on both sides and a loading ramp to backstage, sound & lighting systems, and individual meeting rooms & staging areas.

Special Events

Burnsville Town Center hosts many musical shows including rock, country, and bluegrass concerts throughout the year, as well as annual events like the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival in early September (left), and Burnsville Wedding Expo in February.

Great Atmosphere

Burnsville Town Center is the site for many local weddings and gatherings. Tables and chairs are available and can be configured to accommodate all types of events. Full kitchen, great amenities, elegant setting, warm ambiance.

Homeplace Beer Company

The Homeplace Beer Company pub & brewery is located in the south end of the building, and sells its own locally brewed beers and other craft beers. Homeplace is a popular destination before and after concerts & special events.

On Stage at Burnsville Town Center

Ali Randolph Band rocks Burnsville Town Center at the HomeTown Concert

Burnsville & Yancey County