MW Studios is a metal and woodworking studio and gallery located on Highway 19E in Burnsville. The building is an old auto parts store that was renovated over the course of 3 months by the artist, Mark Woodham and partner/apprentice Joyce Hones. The gallery features sculptures, furniture, wall hangings and other home accessories in a contemporary and eclectic style. The studio is open for people to visit and watch the artist at work. In addition to artwork, yoga classes are offered in the gallery. Joyce Hones runs a business called Fiddlehead Yoga, offering beginner classes on Tuesdays at 6 PM and an all-levels class on Saturdays at 8:30 AM.

The mission of MW Studios is to create beautiful experiences through the artists’ expression and innovation, the viewer’s encounter of the artwork, and the union of teacher and students practicing yoga in an environment that fosters creativity.

Mark Woodham
Member Since 2017

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MW Studios

319 West US Highway 19E Bypass
Burnsville, NC 28714 

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