Perched on the crest of the Blue Ridge atop the Eastern Continental Divide, The Orchard at Altapass occupies a unique spot in both America’s landscape and history. Geography has been a key to the Orchard’s story on both counts. Occupying a commanding location above two important watersheds – the North Toe River, which eventually reaches the Gulf of Mexico, and the North Fork of the Catwaba, which finds its way to the Atlantic – the Orchard has been a vital travel route since our continent’s earliest settlers began exploring these mountains. Buffalo and elk traversed here, followed by the Cherokee Indians and eventually European settlers.

The Orchard’s mission is to preserve the history, heritage and culture of the Blue Ridge Mountains; protect the underlying orchard land with its apples, wetlands, butterflies, and other natural features; and educate the public about the Appalachian experience.

We are a 501c3 public charity and all income supports our mission of protecting the land, preserving the history, heritage and culture, and involving the public. Family fun for all ages, via music, dance storytelling hayrides and more when we are open (May through October), and trail walks and scenery year around. Admission is free, memberships/donations encouraged. We are located at mile marker 328.3 on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Bill Carson & Gretchen Mosier
Member Since 1995

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Altapass Orchard

1025 Orchard Road
Spruce Pine, NC 28777 

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May through October


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