Highway 80 South

Highway 80 South runs 12 miles between the community of Micaville on Highway 19E to the Blue Ridge Parkway and the connector road to Mount Mitchell State Park. All along the route are artists’ studios, galleries, inns, vacation rentals, restaurants & pubs, campgrounds, and of the most popular golf courses in North Carolina.

Restaurants & Pubs, Inns, Golf, Galleries & More

Blue Ridge Parkway

Highway 80 is a beautiful, scenic road at the base of the Black Mountains

This swinging bridge on Highway 80 South is always a familiar landmark to people driving by. There’s amazing scenery of mountains and rivers all along the road. It’s a photographer’s dream, but be careful of traffic if you’re out taking pictures.

All seasons are beautiful in Yancey County, but autumn might be the most spectacular.

Burnsville & Yancey County