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Each August at the Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair, family, friends & acquaintances gather together in the shade of the maple trees on Burnsville Town Square to have lunch and watch the music, dancing and entertainment on stage.

In the Crafters Village, people can see live demonstrations of traditional crafting skills and techniques.


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Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair is known for signature, authentic work.
Burnsville Town Center

Many of the craftspeople make new work at the Fair, giving people a chance to see their creative process.


Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair is a place where people reminisce, laugh and share stories.

Potters have been part of Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair from the very beginning.  Some make vessels & sculptural work, others make entire lines of functional dishes and pots. Many fairgoers buy and collect new pieces each year and often connect with the artists and crafters on Facebook.











Vendors’ booths circle around Town Square and continue along both sides of Main Street. During the event, traffic is blocked off and downtown Burnsville is open to pedestrians only.

In the Crafters Village, young people are always encouraged to use authentic tools and techniques. There are many great learning activities for kids and adults.











People gather all over Burnsville Town Square to see the music and entertainment on stage. It’s a chance to relax and enjoy a summer day in the mountains.