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Elaine Mann
Executive Director

Appointed as Yancey County Chamber Executive Director in 2023, Elaine Mann brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic background in entrepreneurship to her position. With a proven track record of successfully building small businesses, including a communications company that evolved into a multi-million-dollar venture, Elaine is well-equipped to lead the Chamber team.

Before relocating to Burnsville, North Carolina in 2020, Elaine served as the Florida Business Incubator Executive Director, where she played a pivotal role in fostering innovation and supporting local businesses. Elaine has been actively involved with the Yancey Chamber since 2021, serving on the Special Events Committee. Her deep connection to the local community and understanding of the unique needs of Yancey County businesses is evident in her role.

"Being Chamber Director is more than just a job for me," says Elaine. "It is my passion. Yancey County’s rich history and inviting atmosphere welcome all to our warmhearted community. I am committed to preserving the area's heritage while highlighting our attractions from Mount Mitchell to the vibrant downtown."

Elaine's determination to foster economic growth and create a thriving business environment aligns perfectly with the Chamber's mission. Her professional background and regional knowledge bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies, while preserving the culture of this amazing community. As a charming destination steeped in history and warmth, Elaine Mann invites visitors and residents alike to explore, discover, and create lasting memories in Yancey County.

Pete Krulder
Member Services

After serving in the Army for 20 years, Pete retired, moved to Florida and started his second career in the Florida Park Service where he was a park ranger and a park manager.  Pete has a son and grandson who live in Albuquerque, NM.  He moved to Burnsville in 2020 where he can enjoy all of the outdoor activities he loves.

Natalie Gideon

Natalie grew up in Wallace, NC.  She spent more than 30 years in the banking industry and has had her North Carolina Real Estate license since 2009.  She currently works as a buyers agent for Thurston & Associates and is licensed to sell real estate in Tennessee as well.  Natalie has two sons in Wilmington, NC.  She grew up in a small town and appreciates small town values and wants to do her part to make our businesses grow.

Hope Martin

Both Hope and her husband Larry served in the Air Force.  After he retired, they moved to Burnsville and have lived here for 26 years.  Hope has been serving the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center as a volunteer for 22 years.  Her husband accuses her of being 'stubborn as a mule' and she has a daughter living in Austin, TX.

Gail Crisp

Gail has worked as an RN in public health and NICU for many years.  She grew up in Burnsville and has lived here most of her life.  She is currently retired and loves volunteering and sharing information about our county.  Gail has three grown children and five grandchildren who she loves dearly.

Kat Bauer


Lucy Doll

A native of Wisconsin, Lucy launched her career as an operator for The Telephone Company.  She worked at Mercer University in Atlanta, the National Theatre in Washington, DC (where she lived on a houseboat), and most recently at Mountain Electronics in Micaville.  Since moving to Yancey County in 1993, Lucy has founded book clubs, fostered & adopted dogs, instigated community-wide amusements, facilitated fundraisers, and kept local politicians on their toes.  A resident of the historic district, Lucy is a downtown advocate who served as Yancey Chamber Board President in 2020.  She is married to Jim Parlier.


The Burnsville-Yancey Chamber of Commerce has a dedicated group of volunteers that serve the community by staffing the Visitor Center and helping community members and visitors learn about all of the activities, shopping, restaurants and sites in the town and county. 

Diane Burckley

Diane and her family started building a house in Burnsville in 1982 and then made the move in 1984 when construction was complete.  They wanted a change of pace and a place that would allow them to enjoy life.  She retired after more than 30 years as a dental hygienist and now keeps busy working from home.  Diane has a daughter, Denise, who is the owner of Main Street Shoes and grandson, Logan, in town as well as a daughter in Asheville.

Christine Grubbs

Originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Christine lived five years in Manassas Virginia, and recently moved to Burnsville.  She worked as an Aviation Electronics Technician with a national air carrier for 20 years.  After aviation Christine turned her love for photography into a business, Redfox Creations, artistic photography.  She has volunteered with the Manassas visitors center and the Manassas Museum for 5 years as well as being a vendor and assistant at the local farmers market. Christine loves to be an active member of community and looks forward to being a part of the visitor center team.

Chris Carter

Chris has a degree in fine art, sings with the community chorus and is currently the President of the Yancy History Association Board.  She has been in Burnsville and volunteering with the Chamber since 2008.  Chris decided to volunteer with the Chamber and Visitor Center because the staff  in the office was so helpful when she and her husband first moved to town and were building their home.  She wanted to pay it forward.

Jim Parlier

Born in Raleigh, NC, Jim moved to Florida as an infant.  He returned to North Carolina in 1973 and to Yancey County in 1986.  Jim worked as an agent for the NC Farm Bureau for 39 years.  He has 3 successful adult daughters, 3 grandsons, and married Lucy Doll in 2020.

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